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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Debates

Ever gone to vote and seen a list of names for President longer than two and wonder who the other people are then shrug your shoulders and cast a vote for the Democrat or Republican?  I have.  Did you know that this year there are more than two people running for President on the ballots (as you'll discover when you go to vote), in all 50 states?  Ever go to vote having watched debates on TV and reading articles in the newspapers and wonder why you didn't know there were other people running?

Here's part of the reason why...

Green Party Presidential and VP candidates arrested trying to enter debate

The above linked article is the source for videos

Question:  The debates only allow the Democrat and Republican nominiees. How is that helping the public to cast an informed vote?   btw I am not for the Green Party but I am for letting all candidates debate in the public eye.

Just more food for thought.

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