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Friday, March 9, 2012

Robert Morris: Candidate for FNSB Mayor 2012

Recieved the following letter in the mail:

"Do not forget the following facts and do not let your friends and neighbors forget them:

* There is a strong push by a majority in our borough government, through persistence and incremental action, to control the very methods by which we heat our homes. It is obvious that it does not matter how the citizens vote.

* Our borough mayor failed to stop a large GVEA rate increase - in the middle of winter! His job entails dealing effectively with organizations like GVEA and the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, so this was within his responsibility.

* We recently saw an attempt to introduce an automobile tax, with the ridiculous justification that it would lower property taxes. If they really think that property taxes are too high, why don't they just lower them?

My name is Robert Morris, and I am running for mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Perpetual growth in power and revenue has been the natural long-term tendency of every government that ever existed, and is only consistent with current trends of the federal and state governments, but action at the borough level does not have to follow trends originating in Washington and Juneau, and can have great immediate impact on our quality of life.

We are in an era when our government is facing reduced revenue, but this reduced revenue is due to the reduced prosperity of the people, here and all across the western world, and this reduced prosperity means that basic necessities of individual life - food, housing, medicine, transportation, clothing - require an ever greater struggle. Every attempt to deal with revenue problems should be with methods that decrease our burdens, not increase them. Perhaps lower borough government revenue, and fewer powers, should just be accepted!

But it is plain that a majority of our elected officials at the borough level do not see it that way. They have proven that they will increase government authority and expense at every opportunity, while failing to protect the interests of the people.

I am 51, have lived in Alaska for most of my life, and have have (sic) never before run for any public office. I am running for borough mayor to protect my people and my home from a local government that, with its current makeup of personalities, cannot represent our interests. To put someone in office who is as incensed by the above facts as you are, vote for me in October.
Please email, write, or call if you have suggestions or questions.

Robert Morris
P.O.Box 57402
North Pole, AK 99705
368-1693 robert_write@yahoo.com
This communication paid for by Robert Morris, P.O.Box 57402, North Pole, AK 99705"

The race begins!