*What I have done in the past with this guide is not compensated and takes dozens of hours of research and interviews. While some time is spent transcribing much of my time is spent constantly trying to contact candidates to get answers to self-designed surveys with questions not typically asked. I did not have time to put that effort in this year so I apologize to any who were expecting that.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover people remembering this site even though I have not advertised it this year and all previous advertising was very limited.

Assembly Seat D

This is for a 3 year term. Incumbant-Michael Dukes


Michael Dukes 490-2434hm/373-8499cell http://dukesforassembly.blogspot.com/

Van Lawrence 457-5214 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Van-Lawrence-for-Borough-Assembly/193492914049337

As I do interviews and recieve answers to questions sent out I will update this page with links to those posts.


Michael Dukes

Van Lawrence

Besides what you will find to the above links; I was unable to get more Q & A information on these candidates.  So I am posting a link to the News Miner article on them.